The Fresh-water Fish Facility
zebrafishWe have a small fish facility where we keep our stocks of zebrafish, as well as small numbers of recently purchased rosy barb and medaka fish.  The zebrafish are maintained in one Z-module (Marine Biotech), and in two AHAB systems (Aquatic Habitats, Aquatic Eco-systems, Inc.).  Our stocks of rosy barb and medaka are kept in several 30 liter fish tanksrosy barb.
All our fish are maintained in conditioned deionized water, into which is added Instant Ocean® synthetic sea salt (Aquarium System Inc.; at 200 mg/l) to set the conductivity to 350 – 450 µS.  We also adjust the pH of the water to 7.0 – 7.5 using NaHCO3 (15 mg/l) and crushed coral, and the temperature is maintained between 28 -29°C.
medakaOur feeding regime is as follows: all the adult fish (zebrafish, rosy barb and medaka) are fed with ZM granular food (ZM Ltd.) in the morning and again towards the end of the afternoon.  In the middle of the day, the zebrafish and medaka are given live 2-day old brine shrimp (Brine Shrimp Direct) whereas the rosy barbs are given frozen brine shrimp (San Francisco Bay Brand).  All the adult fish receive blood worms (Kyorin Industry Shenzhen Co. Ltd.) twice a week for their last feed of the day and their diet is supplemented with vitamins (Sera Fishtamine) once a week.  As part of our fish breeding program, we also raise zebrafish and medaka from embryos.  The fry are fed on rotifer (Golden Pearls Larval Diet, Brine Shrimp Direct) once a day as well as some brine shrimp.
We currently have both AB and ABC wild-type strains of zebrafish in stock as well as the following mutants: sapje, Ich, Gsc:GFP, and 1708B (Wnt 5).  We also have a line of GFP-FABP transgenic fish that express GFP in the liver, which were developed by Prof. Jen-Leih Wu, Department of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taipei.